Creation (Making) of the SOFTWARE FOR studies and optimization of fuel systems of engines


Urgency (topicality). The designers of modern internal combustion engines try to provide minimum of fuel consumption and and emission of harmful substances with exhaust gases.

Such operations will be carried out only (obligatory) with improvement of fuel systems. For last 20 years in diesel engines the injection pressure was increased with 25 … 50 MPa up to 150 … 250 MPa. In gasoline and gas engines instead of carburettors and gas mixers began to be applied injectors. All fuel systems now are equipped by electronic control.

Production of new fuel systems is fast grows. It falls into Common Rail and to systems with control valves.

At the end of 20 centuries the mathematical models of non-stationary hydromechanical process of an injection of fuel began to be applied as the instrument to studies and projection of fuel systems.

But they do not satisfy the specialists today and they should be improved too.

Description of created software.

Modern mathematical model of functioning of fuel systems and  appropriate (applicable) program should content(fit) to the following requirements:

– It is correct to model an injection of fuel with pressure 250 МПа and more;

– To describe a two-phase gas-fluid state of fuel;

– To enable analysis of alternate fuels and injection of mixtures of different fuels;

– Correct calculation of hydraulic resistance in unsteady flows, leakages, outflow of fuel through throttles etc.

– Possibility study of known systems, including accumulative (Common Rail).

– Simplicity of a choice of the fuel system scheme;

– Simulation of operation of the electric drive of controlling organs;

– Pump drive as a torsional system;

– Possibility of one-factor, two-factor, multifactor numerical experiment;

– Usability of a service envelope of the program;  Simplicity of operation  with datas. Results of calculations in 2D, 3D the graph.

According to the modern tendencies, the special attention is necessary to give possibilities of calculated analysis to different fuel systems, for example, accumulative systems, injectors and pumps with electrocontrol, multiplicators of pressure, single, distribution, rotary pumps, with cam, hydraulic or other driving. The injectors should be of any type, with hydroimpulse closing, two by springs etc. Operation with fuel systems should be usability due to applying of graphic fashions.

Possibilities of using. Created software can be applied for:

– Calculated studies of working processes in high-pressure fuel systems;

– Designing and optimization of fuel systems;

– Making new engines with good ecological qualities;

– Simulation of variation of characteristic of fuel systems and engines during maintenance.